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  • The selfie, pt. I: What is it, really?

    Posted Nov 11, 2016 | New Media Project

    Often seen as evidence of overgrown narcissism at best and an indication of psychopathology at worst, it is worth considering an alternate way of understanding the phenomenon. It seems to me, rather, that the selfie is far more complex than these overly simplistic dismissals, and it provides a window into the nature of social media.

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  • Embracing the in-between

    Posted Nov 04, 2016 | Pastoral Excellence Network

    By Lawrence Peers | It’s unavoidable. In almost every conversation and every observation of the religious world today—it is present. We’d rather skip over it, rush through it, get over it but it is there. We are in a time of the “in-between”—the discomforting, uncertain period between what has been and what has yet to emerge.

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  • A review of Lose, love, live: The spiritual gifts of loss and change by Dan Moseley

    Posted Oct 31, 2016 | Academy of Preaching and Celebration

    By Joyce Thomas | I recently read a book on grief and loss called Lose, love, live: The spiritual gifts of loss and change by Dan Moseley. Mosley’s book is for anyone who has experienced loss, be it the loss of a family member, pet, game, body part, or even a dream. It addresses the experience of someone or something becoming permanently absent in a person’s life. For spouses of pastors, this could include the loss of time with their spouse, the loss of privacy, or the loss of relationships when moving to a new city.

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Nadia Bolz-Weber, Eugene Cho, and Tony Lee share best ideas for social media (short)
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