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  • Community formation and social media: Conflict as a place to practice and perfect love

    Posted Jul 22, 2014 | New Media Project

    By Deborah Arca, guest blogger | The Internet today is a unique and extraordinary space for Christians to practice love and model compassion, charity, and hospitality to the rest of the world. And we need to learn how to do this amidst conflict. Unfortunately, we don’t tend to do a very good job of it most of the time.

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  • Rip cord, reset button, and ripple effect

    Posted Jul 17, 2014 | Pastoral Excellence Network

    By Lawrence Peers | I heard a collective sigh of recognition when reading these words from Barbara Brown Taylor’s memoir, Leaving Church, in which she narrates her reasons for leaving parish ministry: "With just seven days in a week, where is the time to be a good preacher, teacher, pastor, prophet, celebrant, prayer, writer, foot washer, administrator, community activist, clergy colleague, student of scripture, and wholesome exemplar of the gospel?" (45-46)

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  • Building community

    Posted Jul 16, 2014 | The Discipleship Project

    By Reuben Sancken | I'm very grateful for this gift of The Discipleship Project (TDP). Not only has it given me the opportunity to leave seminary with no additional student debt, but it has also provided me a chance to develop community with a diverse group of people. When I was accepted into TDP, I was in the midst of living in an intentional community in Minneapolis, MN.

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  • Posted Jun 18, 2014 | Pastoral Excellence Network

    PEN participates in the Colloquium on Strengthening Christian Preaching

    In what ways might peer learning strengthen the teaching of preaching today so that preachers are better prepared for the opportunities and challenges facing the North American church? This was the central question that brought Chris Braudaway-Bauman and Lawrence Peers of the Pastoral Excellence Network (PEN) to the Colloquium on Strengthening Christian Preaching, which was hosted by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship in Grand Rapids on May 28-29, 2014.

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  • Posted Nov 18, 2013 | Center for Pastoral Excellence

    The Academy of Preaching and Celebration at CTS comes online

    Christian Theological Seminary and the Center for Pastoral Excellence are pleased to launch the newly named Academy of Preaching and Celebration. Led by Frank A. Thomas, the Nettie Sweeney and Hugh Th Miller Professor of Homiletics at CTS, the Academy seeks to generate excellence in preaching and worship through deepened faith and biblical practice.

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  • Posted Oct 14, 2013 | The Discipleship Project

    Second cohort of TDPers announced

    Christian Theological Seminary is pleased to announce the second cohort of students selected for The Discipleship Project, a groundbreaking experiment in theological education at CTS. All in their first year of the M.Div. degree program, these new “TDPers” hail from states as far away as California, Florida, and Colorado, as well as Indiana.

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FT-5 Preaching Mistakes-Intro
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Introduction to The Five Most Common Preaching Mistakes series, by Frank A. Thomas.
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Nadia Bolz-Weber, Eugene Cho, and Tony Lee share best ideas for social media (short)
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