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  • Pulling over, stopping, making a U-turn: ministry at mid-career

    Posted Feb 09, 2016 | Pastoral Excellence Network

    By Lawrence Peers | Ministry does not come with a GPS. Sometimes we are far down a path before we realize that we are off course and need to redirect our energies. Sometimes we come to a screeching stop. Sometimes we get reminders from congregants, colleagues or the Spirit that we need to make a U-turn. Sometimes it feels like we are on course.

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  • Empowering for people

    Posted Feb 03, 2016 | Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Programs

    Our primary goals for the congregation and for our pastor were in reclaiming and honoring sacred connections. We sought to strengthen our identity as a whole and diverse community of faith... St. John’s has struggled for many years to reclaim its identity and to be thought of as a vibrant and worthy community of faith. To be recognized and have received the Clergy Renewal grant was affirming and confidence building for the entire community.

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  • Sharing the gospel and new media: Prosperity posting

    Posted Jan 28, 2016 | New Media Project

    By Patton Dodd | Facebook makes the rich look really rich. It makes the poor feel really poor. And any Facebook user who cares about the poor (whether in spirit or material things) ought to be considering how all this should shape their posting habits. Like many cultural developments, this one presents Christians of all kinds and ministers in particular with a predictable, age-old challenge: Be different.

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Nadia Bolz-Weber, Eugene Cho, and Tony Lee share best ideas for social media (short)
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