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  • The selfie, pt. II: Digital presence

    Posted Jan 09, 2017 | New Media Project

    By Nick Buck | If I am at least partially correct about this, that some of the impulse for social media use is attributable to a socializing impulse felt most acutely by those who have become isolated, then a number of questions emerge. One of the more interesting ones is: what does it mean to be with someone, and can that happen digitally?

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  • A way of blessing

    Posted Jan 06, 2017 | Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Programs

    We recognized that while our pastor occasionally took vacations during more than 30 years of his pastorate, he had never taken a long time away from us. So, in seeking the Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Program grant, it was our goal to say to him: “We love you, appreciate your hard work with us, and want to see you and Sister Shirley take some time and enjoy doing what you want.”

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  • Encouragement for the holidays

    Posted Dec 16, 2016 | Academy of Preaching and Celebration

    By Joyce Thomas | The holiday season is upon us and clergy families will start their usual march to the many celebrations and worship services from now to the end of the year. Clergy families will be invited by different ministries, boards, and church members to different holiday gatherings.

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Nadia Bolz-Weber, Eugene Cho, and Tony Lee share best ideas for social media (short)
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