Elizabeth Diop

The Discipleship Project Student, Cohort 1 ediop@cts.edu Elizabeth Diop graduated with a psychology degree from Northern Kentucky University in 2007. Her professional experiences include working as a Therapeutic Behavioral Specialist at a residential treatment facility for severely abused children, facilitating parenting classes for moms fighting against drug addiction, and connecting families to resources as a social worker at an elementary school. Her passions in ministry are joining with God in loving the oppressed, the mentally ill, the poor, the incarcerated, and attempting, like Jesus, to show them compassion and join them in the struggle for justice. Another passion is interfaith work, in particular, looking at how Christians and Muslims can join together in dialogue and work together to pursue justice. Elizabeth lives with her husband, Alioune, and their three children, Abraham, Aziz, and Anta. She is grateful for the opportunity to learn to do ministry here at Christian Theological Seminary.