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  • No demand

    Posted Aug 02, 2016 | Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Programs

    I wanted to develop a rhythm in my life and my family’s life in which Sabbath became, not shoe-horning a desperate day off, but living life in all-sufficient seven-day units. Instead of racing, overloading schedules, and collapsing into the occasional week off, I wanted to engage in spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth each week.

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  • Encountering the good news in your newsfeed

    Posted May 12, 2016 | New Media Project

    By Sister Julie Vieira | Billboards and signs are all around us! On my short 1.7 mile commute each day I pass by a stream of messages advertising everything from hamburgers to deals on car insurance. It’s not always easy to connect with each and every message but once in a while I hit upon one that is exactly what I need! (What? The International Cat Show here in Toledo??) Social media can sometimes feel like driving by billboard after billboard, sign after sign, message after message.

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  • My life as a pastor spouse

    Posted May 11, 2016 | Academy of Preaching and Celebration

    By Sonia Vorster | Looking back over my life as the spouse of a pastor, I remember the excitement when my husband stepped into his calling. I immediately began to search for the dos and don’ts for my role because I knew nothing of the duties or behavioral patterns of a pastor’s spouse. Though I did not find anything in my research in the scriptures, I did know that I would become a "First Lady" and that gave me joy.

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  • Posted May 25, 2016 | Pastoral Excellence Network

    PEN hosts second Pastoral Residency School

    The second Pastoral Excellence Network (PEN) Pastoral Residency School convened on April 25-27 at Second Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis. Pastoral residencies provide opportunities for newly or about to be ordained clergy to have a ministry experience in a congregation, supported by mentoring and intentional learning and pastoral formation experiences.

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  • Posted May 18, 2016 | Pastoral Excellence Network

    Deep Calls to Deep Launching at Virginia Theological Seminary!

    On Saturday, April 30, Pastoral Excellence Network (PEN) Director Larry Peers led a training session for Peer Guides in Virginia Theological Seminary’s new Deep Calls to Deep: A Program to Strengthen Episcopal Preaching.

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  • Posted May 16, 2016 | New Media Project

    Introducing The Storebox

    We are delighted to announce that The Storebox is now live. The New Media Project Storebox is a place to gather as many different “case studies” as we can of what Christians are doing in the vast, expanding, intimate, connected, and interconnected landscape of digital media. It is a repository of Christian “experiments” in new and digital media.

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FT-5 Preaching Mistakes-Intro
.. Academy of Preaching and Celebration

Introduction to The Five Most Common Preaching Mistakes series, by Frank A. Thomas.
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.. Center for Pastoral Excellence

MLK Jr. “I have a dream” speech video: produced by Salt Project, WFYI, and CTS
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Ideas For Social Media
.. New Media Project

Nadia Bolz-Weber, Eugene Cho, and Tony Lee share best ideas for social media (short)
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