Welcome to the video archives of the Center for Pastoral Excellence. In the gallery below you will find all the videos developed by and for the five initiatives that comprise the Center.  You can play them from here, from their display homes in other areas of the website, or watch them on the CTS Presents YouTube channel using the links in the descriptions or by visiting the Center for Pastoral Excellence section at the bottom on the YouTube channel page. We hope you find what you are looking for. Contact us if you need help. Enjoy!

Video Gallery

Transition into Ministry
.. Pastoral Excellence Network

Clergy in Transition into Ministry programs speak about what they've learned, what the program has meant to them, and offer advice to seminarians. Watch on YouTube.

08_PEN_CPL-WMV9 1280x720 16x9
.. Pastoral Excellence Network

A Pastoral Excellence Network video about clergy peer learning. Watch on YouTube.

.. Academy of Preaching and Celebration

Sermon by Frank A. Thomas in Sweeney Chapel at CTS on September 10, 2014, called "Can we be friends?" Watch on YouTube.

Frank Thomas PEN Conference Interview
.. Academy of Preaching and Celebration

Frank A. Thomas offers insight and wisdom to new pastors and congregations in this interview at the Pastoral Excellence Network (PEN) Transition into Ministry (TiM) gathering.

GCT Preaching Series-Dr E Dewey Smith Jr-5-2-2014
.. Academy of Preaching and Celebration

"Preaching in a New Generation: Honoring the Scriptures for a New Generation" by Dr. E. Dewey Smith Jr. for the 2014 Gardner C. Taylor Distinguished Preaching Series. Watch on YouTube.

.. Pastoral Excellence Network

Ken Eriks, Director of the Congregational Mission of the Reformed Church in America, reflects on the resonance of pastoral excellence and clergy peer learning with God's Trinitarian nature. Watch on YouTube.

03_Duke_Pastoral_Bishop_Huie-WMV9 640x360 16x9
.. Pastoral Excellence Network

Bishop Janice Riggle Huie of the Texas Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church offers her reflections on what constitutes pastoral excellence. Watch on YouTube.

.. Pastoral Excellence Network

Life in Community: Sustaining Pastoral Excellence. Watch on YouTube.

.. Academy of Preaching and Celebration

Sermon by Frank A. Thomas given at Good Shepherd Baptist Church in Petersburg, VA, on having a teachable spirit. Watch on YouTube.