What is your passion?

Posted Sep 13, 2013 | Center for Pastoral Excellence


By Hope Y. Hampton

Hope HamptonWhat is it? What is your passion? What is the cause (or causes) that you just cannot keep quiet about? Perhaps you haven’t begun to act or speak about it yet, but you know the time is coming when you will no longer be able keep it to yourself? As Jeremiah says, he is “weary of holding it back” (Jer 20:9).

To be fair, I will go first and share one of my passions with you. I care deeply about women and children who are struggling and on the fringes of life. I desire to bring hopefulness to the lives of women in despair and children who feel they have a limited opportunity to succeed. Simply put, I have a passion for helping others to see that they can live a “more abundant life” (John 10:10).

Truly, a passion is something that you really cannot keep to yourself. If you are passionate about something, most likely your friends and loved ones know what it is. Real passion means that others know about it, and your passion is something you are known for.

In 2009, Congress and President Barack Obama officially established September 11 as a national day of service and remembrance with the passage of the Serve America Act. As we remember the 9/11 anniversary this week, I am considering very deeply the topics of passion, service, and giving. There are many exciting initiatives occurring in Indianapolis and in our nation that might be excellent ways to express your passion. I’d like to highlight three opportunities to talk about your passion, to do what you feel passionate about, and to give to benefit your passion.

One: Indy Passion Project is a movement among young non-profit professionals to get people to talk about their passion. On Thursday, September 19, 2013, the Young Non-Profit Professionals Network is encouraging Indianapolis citizens to go to their website and print off name badges to wear and declare what you feel passionately about. They are asking us to meet in hallways at work and at coffee shops to have a conversation about your concern for the homeless, hunger, mental health, education, or whatever you feel passionate about. Conversation about your passion can be inspirational and lead to action. Join the non-location-specific movement to get all of us talking about the causes that make us tick.

Two: If you are inspired to act after talking about your passion then you can get busy working on October 10-12, 2013, for Indy Do Day. Indy Do Day is an invitation to “Find a Project, Do the Project and then Tell What You Did with the Project.” Indy Do Day is a challenge to those of us who love Indianapolis to get out and make a physical difference. The website is full of great ideas for ways to get out and DO something to make an impact in ways that are tangible.

Three: Another opportunity to express your passion is and make a difference is December 3, 2013, Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is a campaign to create a national day of giving at the beginning of the holiday season. Giving Tuesday celebrates and encourages charitable activities that support non-profit organizations. Go to the website and consider a gift to your favorite charity or creating a partnership that improves your charity’s capacity.

All of these amazing projects were birthed through individuals and groups who are the essence of who Harriet Tubman was referring to when she said, “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

Join me in the Christian Theological Seminary Café at lunch on Thursday, September 19. Take a name badge and write on it your passion. Our conversation just might change the world.

UPDATE (9-19-2013): This event in the Café has been rescheduled for Thursday, September 26.

Hope Y. Hampton is the Director of Community Relations at Christian Theological Seminary. Her position is part of the Center for Pastoral Excellence at CTS.

Community Relations at CTS seeks to build relationships with local and regional partners in churches and non-profit organizations. To request permission to repost this content, please contact centerforpastoralexcellence@cts.edu.