The Academy of Preaching and Celebration at CTS comes online

Nov 18, 2013 | Center for Pastoral Excellence


Christian Theological Seminary and the Center for Pastoral Excellence are pleased to launch the newly named Academy of Preaching and Celebration. Led by Frank A. Thomas, the Nettie Sweeney and Hugh Th Miller Professor of Homiletics at CTS, the Academy seeks to generate excellence in preaching and worship through deepened faith and biblical practice.

The Academy of Preaching and Celebration comes online this week as it launches its new website and Facebook and Twitter pages. Sermons, lectures, teaching tools, blogs, and help for clergy families are all available.

Under development for more than a year, the Academy has been formed out of the wisdom of the CTS faculty, the insight and leadership of Thomas, and the robust traditions of African-American preaching. Thomas says, “The purpose of the Academy of Preaching and Celebration is to generate excellence in preaching and worship by exploring the genius of the African American tradition to transform the church and world through deepened faith and biblical practice.”

“It is wonderful to see this new initiative take shape and take flight,” said CTS President Matthew Myer Boulton. “The tradition of African American preaching and worship is a true American treasure, and Dr. Thomas has devoted much of his career to sharing that bounty with the world. Accordingly, the Academy will welcome people of all races, traditions, and backgrounds – anyone and everyone interested in renewing Christian life through the power of preaching and celebration.”

Recognizing that it is difficult to effectively lead worship and preach if the needs of the clergy family are not addressed, the Academy will also support families. Associate Director of the Academy of Preaching and Celebration, Joyce Thomas, will guide the work of helping preachers and clergy families find the balance between family life and ministry.

Rounding out the Academy team is Amelia Walker who works as the assistant to the director and for the program. Amelia is a long-time and well-respected member of the CTS staff.

The Academy joins the four other initiatives of the Center for Pastoral Excellence, completing the array of programs currently offered. “We are delighted to come alongside the Academy to learn from and support this important work,” said Verity A. Jones, the executive director of the Center. The Center addresses the long arc of ministry, from discernment to training to sustaining ministry over a lifetime. The Academy will offer programs for students, pastors, and teachers of preaching alike.

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    Respected brother in Christ,

    Greetings to all of you form India in the most precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, through whose blood I ventured to call you brother.

    CONGRATULATIONS on launching Academy of Preaching and Celebration. I sincerely pray my Lord and provider to give guidance to you all in the wonderful project.
    I wish to know more about your ministry and be in touch with you through correspondence, if you do not mind mailing me. Yours in His service.