PEN Talk: “New clergy: What we’ve learned, what they are teaching us” with Kim Gage Ryan

Mar 17, 2016 | Pastoral Excellence Network


Webinar, Your Computer

Helping newly ordained, young pastors transition from seminary to sustained congregational ministry with a strong and healthy pastoral identity is central to the work of the Bethany Fellows. Through the collegial support of peers and mentor/leaders, young ministers are better able to navigate the beginnings of a vocation and young adult life transitions. While building confidence and strengthening their leadership as new clergy, the Bethany Fellows has also learned from new clergy what the church needs. Join us for a free PEN Talk webinar with Bethany Fellows Director Kim Gage Ryan to explore these learnings.

Cost: Free
Registration: None
Time: 2:00pm EST

To participate in the webinar:

Contact: Willie Sordillo


Phone: 508-405-1850

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