Countryside Community Church/Darkwood Brew,
Omaha, Nebraska

Countryside Community Church describes itself as “a wonderful place to find and worship God. We are an inclusive family of faith, welcoming all to our table of love and acceptance. We are diverse, yet united by Christ’s example. We care for one another, support one another and challenge one another to become all that God creates us to be. We work together to nurture our community and to promote peace and justice in our conflicted world.” Follow the church on Facebook, and watch its videos on YouTube.

The church recently began a live streaming online program called Darkwood Brew, which the website describes as “a renegade exploration of Christian faith for the modern world.” This weekly program, which airs Sunday nights, blends ancient worship practices with modern technology set in the church’s coffeehouse.

The pastor, Eric Elnes, received his Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Princeton Theological Seminary. He is internationally recognized for creating multi-sensory, experiential worship that transcends classification as “traditional” or “contemporary.” He has written Igniting Worship: The Seven Deadly Sins (Abingdon, 2004) and Asphalt Jesus: Finding a New Christian Faith Along the Highways of America (Jossey-Bass, 2007).

Countryside Community Church is part of the United Church of Christ.

This case study was conducted by Research Fellow Kathryn Reklis and published in December, 2011.

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