Theological essays on new media

The New Media Research Fellows are a group of scholars, journalists, and pastors. In addition to conducting case studies, we’ve also been hard at work on own theological reflection. We are pleased to offer you this collection of theological essays, each written by one of our research fellows.

As you read, you will note that we come from a variety of theological worldviews—some of us stand in a Protestant Reformed world, others come from a Process Theology view of God and human life. We are Catholic and non-denominational as well. Some of us are historians, others are writers and pastors. Each of us writes through our theological lens and each of us takes up a particular theological question relating to social media and new media. We don’t think you need to try to synthesize our work. Rather, accept it as a variegated prism through which we explore social media and new media.

Each essay includes study questions at the end to help you go deeper into the topic, or help others you may be leading to go deeper. We hope you find the study questions helpful.

This work is based on the six descriptive case studies we conducted in 2011. You will find many references herein to that work. Explore the Findings tab for more information about the rest of our work.

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