Jim Rice

Research Fellow jrice@sojo.net

Jim Rice is editor of the award-winning Sojourners magazine in Washington, D.C. He's been with Sojourners since the early 1980s, and has been active in Sojourners' organizing and communication efforts since the beginning (although it's not true that the magazine was printed on papyrus when it started, it's been around for 40 years). In addition to the magazine, his staff works on print and online interactivity, publishes the e-zine SojoMail, which reaches 200,000 people each week, compiles and edits the God's Politics blog, e-alerts, several Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, as well as "old media" resources from study guides and tool kits to bulletin inserts and books.

Jim has been active in efforts around Muslim-Christian understanding, and has participated in dialogues between Christians and Muslims in places as far-flung as Tripoli, Libya, and Fuller Theological Seminary, and is a member of the national advisory board for Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding. Much of his earlier work centered on nuclear weapons and nuclear energy. He was a founding member of the national committee (and the direct action task force) of the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, and treasurer of the Nuclear Weapons Education Fund. He was also founder and co-director of Pax Christi: Washington's Peace Education Program, and producer of the multimedia "Anatomy of the Nuclear Arms Race."

Rice, the former director of Sojourners Outreach Ministry and coordinator of Sojourners Peace Ministry, has been a writer and editor with the Catholic Communication Campaign, as well as an organizer with the Center for Peace Studies at Georgetown University and with the Oregon Center for Peace and Justice in Portland. He's a native of Richland, Washington, the bedroom community of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, where he played for the Richland Bombers, whose mascot is a mushroom cloud. He and his wife, Dawn, have two children, and are members of Hyattsville Mennonite Church outside of Washington, D.C.

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