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In the pew, in the pulpit, and in the world, there is a hunger for high-quality, effective preaching. The information on this page and links below explore, from the method perspective, what is good preaching and what mode of sermon preparation, formation, and delivery produces good preaching. For some, preaching is more a matter of innate gift for the task than a method to be learned. For the rest of us, high-quality and effective preaching can be achieved with and by method. We are excited to present sermon method tools: lectures, articles, video clips, recommended books, and other resources to help preachers improve their craft.

Please watch the Introduction to the popular series by Frank A. Thomas “The Five Most Common Mistakes in Preaching,” below. (Or watch on YouTube.)


For the remainder of the five videos in the series, please see the Five Most Common Mistakes in Preaching page.

Additional resources available in this section include Lectures on African-American homiletics, recommended Books and Articles on preaching, a list of Sermon Helps, and the Report from the 2014 Consultation on African American Preaching.