About the First Season Project

The name “First Season Project” comes from the recognition that a pastoral career includes several distinctive seasons. Some describe a pastor’s journey as winding through the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Others capture the seasons of a pastor’s life and work simply as early, mid- and late career.

This initiative is for new pastors who are entering their “first season” after seminary, those critical years of transition and evolution in pastoral identity and practice, when pastors encounter new challenges, entertain unexpected questions, and begin to establish patterns that either will enhance or inhibit the ministry of their future seasons.

First Season Project (FSP) participants participate in 6 retreats over a three-year period. These 3-day retreats create space for participants to engage material from Dr. Bill Kincaid’s book, Like Stepping Into A Canoe, share in local immersion experiences together, discuss best ministry practices, join in prayer and other spiritual disciplines, and cultivate supportive, collegial friendships with other new pastors and seasoned pastoral leaders. Ongoing support and connection will be facilitated in between retreats.

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