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Asociación para la Educación Teológica Hispana (AETH): Tertulias Pastorales
Aurora, CO

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Asociación para la Educación Teológica Hispana (AETH): Tertulias Pastorales
Tertulias Pastorales

Tertulias refers to the Latino family practice of getting together to exchange ideas, share experiences and practices, and pass on traditions and values which foster creativity to younger generations. Tertulias Pastorales was initiated in 2003 to apply this concept to groups of pastors who serve Hispanic communities. Through this program, opportunities are provided for pastors to share creative ideas and develop theoretical understandings, habits, resources and tools which are necessary to the development of leaders who will contribute to the vitality of the Hispanic church and the community. Tertulias Pastorales consists of intensive weekend seminars and workshops which offer reflection and training on pastoral health, stewardship and other themes of particular interest to groups of pastors in cities throughout the United States and beyond.

Fernando A. Cascante (
Executive Director, AETH
8401 Valencia College Lane
Orlando, Florida 32825

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