Interview with Matt Bloom about Flourishing in Ministry

In this interview Matt Bloom, professor of management at Notre Dame University's Mendoza College of Business, discusses his recent initiative, Flourishing in Ministry. The initiative, which is part of a broader research project, Wellbeing at Work, is an in-depth study of wellbeing in ministry. Bloom discusses the nature of his research in the interview along with possible implications for pastoral ministry.

Sustaining Pastoral Excellence: A progress report on a Lilly Endowment initiative

This Sustaining Pastoral Excellence report (PDF, 4346 KB) by Holly G. Miller published in May of 2011 takes a panoramic look at the first nine years of SPE programs, giving voice to the first-hand experiences of many pastors, describing in depth the shape and substance of diverse but representative programs, and presenting the results and impact of the work in vivid and encouraging ways.

Impact of the Transition into Ministry initiative

Read Virginia Theological Seminary’s four-part report on the results of their comprehensive 2011 survey of Transition into Ministry (TiM) programs. This series of reports provides historical background on the TiM movement, analysis of how programs have performed and where we are today, and poses challenges for twenty-first century leadership.

A study of the effects of participation in SPE pastoral leader peer groups

This 2010 report by Penny Long Marler of Austin Presbyterian Seminary provides detailed information and analysis of the results of two surveys used to study the effectiveness of Sustaining Pastoral Excellence peer group programs. The overall intent of this study was to determine the answer to the questions: Does participation in a pastoral leader peer group make a difference? And, does participation in a pastoral leader peer group make a difference in congregations?

Becoming a Pastor: Reflections on the Transition into Ministry

This special report from the Alban Institute was written by James P. Wind and David J. Wood in 2008 and is the result of a two-year inquiry into the Transition into Ministry initiative of Lilly Endowment Inc. ten years into that program. The report provides a thorough description of the challenges faced by new pastors, gives rich descriptions of the central characteristics of the programs, and offers insightful reflections regarding ways that congregations, judicatories, seminaries, and other religious organizations can work collaboratively to help new pastors and congregations thrive.