PEN Talks

PEN Talks are free webinars offered by the Pastoral Excellence Network on relevant topics. Upcoming PEN Talks can be found on our Events page, and recordings of selected previous PEN Talks are listed below.

PEN Talk with Larry Peers: Transitions: Living toward what wants to emerge
Transitions are a given in our own lives, in our ministries and in any living system. Sometimes the transition is part of an anticipated development and other times it happens in unexpected ways. In any case, there are perspectives, practices and disciplines that can help us to bring forth what “wants to emerge.” In this PEN Talk, PEN director Larry Peers takes us through several approaches to negotiating change in a healthy way.

PEN Talk with Karoline Lewis: She: Five keys to unlock the power of women in ministry
Women in ministry experience unique challenges in their church settings that continue to hinder their vocational, professional and personal success. In this PEN Talk webinar, Karoline Lewis examines five "truths" that provide theoretical, theological and practical frameworks and strategies for flourishing as a woman in ministry.

PEN Talk with Dan Hotchkiss: What does governance have to do with ministry (and vice versa)?
Issues of governance can often feel challenging to clergy. Dan Hotchkiss’ book, Governance and Ministry (2nd Edition), has been called an indispensable guide for church and synagogue leaders. Dan helps us to see the relationship between governance and ministry and how these activities are informed by clear distinctions in the roles and intentional partnerships between board, clergy/staff, committees and ministries. 

PEN Talk with Larry Peers: The holy threshold of mid-career ministry
Each season of ministry has its own rewards and challenges. By the time we are mid-career, we are facing some questions, decisions and some discernment that would have never occurred to us when we began our ministries. How we navigate and respond to this critical period of ministry has an impact on our own personal, spiritual and ministerial lives. This PEN Talk webinar explores this topic.

PEN Talk with Nate Walker
Nate Walker invites you to reflect on ways to replace harmful habits with healing disciplines that reawaken the craft of preaching in this webinar based on the book Exorcising Preaching: Crafting Intellectually Honest Worship

PEN Talk with Bruce Epperly 
Pastor, theologian, author and lectionary commentator Bruce Epperly invites you to reflect on your theology of preaching, explore spiritual practices to sustain your preaching over the long haul, and integrate preaching into your overall practice of ministry.  This seminar explores Advent readings as catalysts for personal and congregational spirituality.

PEN Talk with Debora Jackson
Leaders who take time apart to engage in spiritual practices are more effective in their leadership. Through this webinar you will find out how to recharge and improve your well-being by practicing the spiritual art of sanctuary, a process that can help restore and sustain your spiritual resources while realizing greater effectiveness in your leadership. Sanctuary is a process of 7R’s: Retreat, Release, Reconnect, Review, Reflect, Recalibrate, and Return. Hosted by the Reverend Dr. Debora Jackson, Executive Director of the Ministers Council, ABCUSA and author of the Judson Press book, Spiritual Practices for Effective Leadership: 7Rs of Sanctuary for Pastors.

PEN Talk with Kim Gage Ryan
Through the collegial support of peers and mentor/leaders, young ministers are better able to navigate the beginnings of a vocation and young adult life transitions. While building confidence and strengthening their leadership as new clergy, we’ve also learned from new clergy what the church needs. Bethany Fellows Director Kim Gage Ryan explores these learnings in this PEN Talk.