As we have been meeting with pastors and church leaders at every level in a variety of denominations and geographical locations, we have been considering their answer to the question, “What does pastoral excellence look like?” In other words, what are the characteristics of pastors who are effective in ministry? What are the practices of those who are able to be creative in ministry over the long haul?

These videos include reflections from a number of people on these questions.


PEN online: Clergy group facilitator training
Recorded January 27-28, 2016

Based upon the Pastoral Excellence Network’s very successful two-day training, "Peer power: Cultivating clergy communities of practice," this three-session training will provide you with perspectives and practices for launching and deepening your work in facilitating clergy peer learning groups.

Session 1:
Session 2:
Session 3:

Participant instructions (PDF, 313 KB)
Session 1 handouts (PDF, 3097 KB)
Session 2 pre-assignment (PDF, 43 KB)
Session 2 handouts (PDF, 1645 KB)
Session 3 handouts (PDF, 3580 KB)

PEN online: Putting value into evaluation

Recording Session One, April 6, 2016
with Susan Weber and Lawrence Peers 

Sometimes evaluating your program can feel like meeting an obligation rather than fulfilling your need to learn from your program’s efforts. In this on-line course, we want to help you realize that you have some choices in how you design an evaluation process. There are ways that evaluation can be a deep learning process which can help you determine not just what’s happened, but what’s next for your program. 

In this session we explore different evaluation approaches and processes, understand the key steps in a designing an evaluation process and plan, and discern what the “big questions” are for your program.

This session can be viewed at:

PEN online: Putting value into evaluation
Recording Session Two,  May 11, 2016
with Susan Weber and Lawrence Peers 
This is a continuation of the first session on program evaluation with Susan Weber and Larry Peers. In this session, we review some of the basics of program evaluation and then we move toward (a) understanding the use of a theory of change in program planning and program evaluation and (b) learning how to use appreciative inquiry in evaluation work.

This session can be viewed at:

Video Gallery

Transition into Ministry
.. Pastoral Excellence Network

Clergy in Transition into Ministry programs speak about what they've learned, what the program has meant to them, and offer advice to seminarians. Watch on YouTube.

08_PEN_CPL-WMV9 1280x720 16x9
.. Pastoral Excellence Network

A Pastoral Excellence Network video about clergy peer learning. Watch on YouTube.

.. Pastoral Excellence Network

Ken Eriks, Director of the Congregational Mission of the Reformed Church in America, reflects on the resonance of pastoral excellence and clergy peer learning with God's Trinitarian nature. Watch on YouTube.

03_Duke_Pastoral_Bishop_Huie-WMV9 640x360 16x9
.. Pastoral Excellence Network

Bishop Janice Riggle Huie of the Texas Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church offers her reflections on what constitutes pastoral excellence. Watch on YouTube.

.. Pastoral Excellence Network

Life in Community: Sustaining Pastoral Excellence. Watch on YouTube.